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Please join us in working to preserve the natural environment of the Narrow River Watershed.

For 47 years, the Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA) has worked to preserve, protect, and restore the natural environment and the quality of life of all communities within the Narrow (Pettaquamscutt) River Estuary and Watershed.

I ask you to become an NRPA Member. Our annual membership drive is the primary funding source for NRPA programs. NRPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your contribution is completely tax deductible.

Your membership supports NRPA’s education initiatives, such as What Lives in the River, Guided Marsh Walk, On Pettaquamscutt Speaker Series, Science Fair Awards, NRPA Lesa Meng College Scholarships and our Osprey Education Series for Fourth Graders.

Your contribution also helps cover laboratory fees and other costs for our River Watch Program, in which volunteers test water quality at 14 locations on Narrow River. The program, which is part of URI Watershed Watch, is soon to commence its 27th year.

Importantly, by starting or renewing your membership now, you will help us demonstrate continued public support for the mission and activities of NRPA.

Your gift to NRPA, no matter how large or small, helps make our programs and events possible. Making a donation to help in the restoration, protection and preservation of Narrow River is an excellent way to show your commitment to our environment.


Richard Grant, NRPA Board President