Narrow River Preservation Association hosts events throughout each year to raise awareness of the need to protect the Narrow River and its watershed, to raise funds for NRPA activities and initiatives, to educate local residents about the river and its inhabitants and to encourage people to enjoy the river responsibly!

We hope you will join us for one or more of our events. Click an event listing below or check out our Event Calendar for more information.


Narrow River Road Race: Since 1988, our Annual 10K/5K run and 5K walk held in May along Narrow River has been successful fundraiser for NRPA. It also showcases the beauty of the river and increases the public’s awareness of issues and problems impacting the watershed.


What Lives in the River: What Lives in the River is an all-ages introduction to common fish, shellfish, crabs, and other inhabitants of Narrow River. Held twice annually, this free program features hands-on seining with experts to catch river creatures, guided walks along the intertidal zone and salt marsh to observe the inhabitants, river-water tanks and microscopes to examine river creatures, and guidebooks to help identify them, posting of a running tally of the creatures identified and experts to discuss the importance of estuaries as nurseries for fish & shellfish, the fascinating migration of river herring, and the role of river plants in the food web.


Narrow River Turnaround Swim: The Narrow River Turnaround Swim is an annual one-mile open-water swim in the Lower Pond of Narrow River. The swim creates awareness of the river as a scenic area and as a good place to swim, promotes open-water swimming as a lifetime activity, and raises money for NRPA’s education and preservation initiatives. The event has been going strong for 12 years.


Pettaquamscutt Paddle: Narrow River Kayaks hosts this annual summer evening of enjoying the Narrow River in kayaks. Always a sell out event, paddlers make their way from the Middlebridge site to the mouth of the Narrow River and enjoy snacks and music on the shore of the river as the sun sets.


Art on the River: Held at our Middlebridge Educational site featuring panoramic views of Narrow River, this late summer event welcomes members of the public of all ages to make their own artistic interpretation of the watershed with materials provided by NRPA. This could include children making fish prints on t-shirts and plein air painting while enjoying the view of the river. Art on the River is designed to encourage the public to contemplate the lovely resource we benefit from daily and reflect their observations through various art forms.