On Pettaquamscutt

Annually, the Friends of Canonchet Farm, Narrow River Preservation Association, and the South County Museum, with generous support from Trio Restaurant, sponsor the winter speaker series On Pettaquamscutt: Presentations on the Environment and the History of the Narrow River Watershed.

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Milkweed at Canonchet Farm

February 25: Gary Cassabona, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S.D.A.”Habitat Management for Pollinators”

Casabona will talk about the importance of planting a wide variety of species that support wildlife to ensure that there are pollen and nectar resources available for all seasons.

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March 25: URI Watershed Watch Program Director Linda Green “Narrow River and its Watershed: Twenty-five Years in Review”

The presentations take place on selected Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library, 35 Kingstown Road, Narragansett.

After each event, participants are encouraged to continue the conversation at Trio Restaurant, 15 Kingstown Road, Narragansett.

More information available at onpettaquamscutt.org, by calling (401) 783-5344 or by emailing info@onpettaquamscutt.org.Learn about On Pettaquamscutt presentations from previous years here:

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