Pettaquamscutt Paddle

Each summer Narrow River Kayaks hosts a sunset paddle to benefit NRPA.

The 10th Annual Pettaquamscutt Paddle was a great success, raising funds for NRPA and enabling people to enjoy and learn about the Narrow River.

On Friday, July 21st, all kayak and paddleboard rental fees collected between 9am and noon were donated directly to NRPA.

Later the same day, 40 paddlers joined a sunset paddle. All enjoyed the evening and were greeted by Ben Gaspar from US Fish & Wildlife at Sedge Island where Ben gave a very informative talk and tour of the ongoing marsh restoration project. Paddlers saw an amazing sunset over Narrow River and each received a commemorative stainless steel water bottle.

Many thanks to Jason Considine and the staff of Narrow River Kayaks for sponsoring this wonderful event for ten consecutive years!

Lots of photos from the 10th Annual Pettaquamscutt Paddle can be seen by clicking here.