Narrow River Preservation Association
Thursday, August 24, 2017
NRPA: Working since 1970 to preserve, protect, and restore Narrow River and its watershed.

Protecting Narrow River and
its Watershed Since 1970

Narrow River, also known as the Pettaquamscutt River, forms a natural boundary between the towns of Narragansett, South Kingstown and North Kingstown. Not truly a river, it is an approximately seven mile long tidal inlet connected by a narrow channel to a series of kettle basins fed by a small stream. Although mostly shallow, it does have two unusually steep-sided ponds, one of which plunges to a maximum depth of approximately 60 feet. The Narrow River Watershed extends from Silver Spring Lake and the Shady Lea Mill area in North Kingstown south to Narragansett Pier and Silver Lake in South Kingstown.

NRPA is the Designated Watershed Council for Narrow River

The Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA) has been working since 1970 to preserve, protect and restore the Narrow River and its watershed. Since 2006 NRPA has served as the Designated Watershed Council for Narrow River. Our work includes:

♦ An extensive river monitoring program in which volunteers test water at 14 sites on the river and its freshwater inputs. The program, part of URI Watershed Watch, completed its 24th year in October 2015.

♦ A robust annual schedule of educational programs and recreational events that build awareness of the watershed and the need to protect its environment

♦ Support of other non-profit environmental and cultural groups in the three watershed towns and a willingness to cosponsor new programs

♦ Consistent and sustained public outreach through publications, speakers, a newsletter, a website and a Facebook page

♦ Watchful eyes on the health of the river for all communities of life in the watershed

This work is driven by a collegial Board of Directors, whose thirteen members include scientists, educators, engineers and entrepreneurs, many of whom have been serving NRPA for more than two decades and all of whom are fiercely dedicated to the continued health of the watershed.

NRPA Mission Statement

The Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA) works to preserve, protect, and restore the natural environment and the quality of life for all communities within the Narrow (Pettaquamscutt) River Estuary and Watershed. 


Board of Directors

Richard Grant, President

Veronica Berounsky, Ph.D., Vice President

Ken McShane, Treasurer

Craig Wood, Secretary

Charles Biddle

Jason Considine

Annette DeSilva

Sarah Gaines

Chris Hubbard

Molly Mageau

Catalina Martinez

John McNamara

Sally Sutherland

Nathan Vinhateiro





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NRPA is a member of the R.I. Rivers Council and has served as the Designated Watershed Council for Narrow River since 2002.


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